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Premium Stainless Steel Sink Trailer 10,000 Gallon (Closed Top) Mini Frac Tank:

Mechanical Features:

bullet Bare steel interior

bullet 3" fill line

bullet Three (3) standard 22" side-hinged manways

bullet Multiple 4" valved fill/drain ports, including floor-level valves for low point drain out

bullet 4" vent with 1lb pressure/4oz vacuum pressure relief valve

bullet Epoxy coated interior

bullet Two (2) top connection ports for vapor recovery

bullet Easy-to-clean design with smooth wall interior, no corrugations and no internal rods

bullet Front-mounted ladderwell for top access

bullet Smaller footprint for space saving on tight sites

bullet Roll-off truck compatible


Safety Features:

bullet Non-slip step materials on ladderwells and catwalks

bullet "Safety yellow" rails and catwalks for high visibility

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